Engineering Services:

The electrical acceptance testing and commissioning of electric power systems is essential to the start up of any electrical system for the first time, regardless of its size, type or industry.

We have all testing equipment duly calibrated and provide comprehensive testing and commissioning services up to 765kV Substation / Switchyard, Industries, Large Electrical Installation like Hydro Power Project, Solar Project and Process Plant. The services includes relay coordination, harmonic detection, protection scheme ,checking and modification as per site requirement.

We offer  consultancy services to develop electrical system’s maintenance programs to protect from sudden faults  and maximize its service life. This will include analysis of complete maintenance records to help in identifying and isolating the  recurring problems. We have all the infrastructure, manpower and expertise to provide maintenance services to large facilities across PAN India.

Our services include electrical system analysis from generation till final distribution, earth resistivity testing and implementation of scheme as per system/customer requirement. Some of the services offered are as under:

  • Switchyard equipments up to 765kV
  • All types of protective relays (Electro mechanical and numerical)
  • Protection scheme checking and modification at site as per system requirement.
  • Implementation of scheme in 400 / 220 kV switchyard.
  • Power transformer testing
  • T & L.T Panels testing
  • Electrical Testing & Commissioning of Captive Power Plants.
  • Earth Testing / Soil Testing

The following steps are under taken for testing and commissioning:

  • Visual and mechanical inspection by factory-trained technicians verifies that equipment is in compliance with purchase specifications and design intent and that no damage occurred during shipment
  • The proper set up for devices, such as relays and breakers, ensures that all components are functioning correctly.
  • Electrical testing confirms that equipment meets optimum performance standards and provides test data documentation to use as a benchmark for future testing.