EPC Solutions for Solar Projects:

We offer turnkey and cost effective EPC services – Design, Engineering, Procurement of equipments and complete construction of solar projects with AC and DC portion along with related CIVIL construction.

The Solar Business Vertical provides EPC solutions for building Solar Power Plants based on Photovoltaic (PV) technology and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) Technology (Grid Connected as well as off Grid solutions)

The EPC solutions for Solar Power Generation shall be complete including Site evaluation, Designing for Solar farms, HV/LV Panels, Inverters, Instrumentation, Power Evacuation, Power distribution as well as Operation & Maintenance on single point bases with end to end soulution.

We have a track of sucessfully executing many solar power project. This includes correct on time   estimation and on time delivery of new power plants  along with reliable Solar energy solutions to Customers from viability studies to commissioning.

We leverages on our well-established capabilities and track record in the engineering ,construction of solar power plants and process facilities.

We shall be able to provide entire solar power soulution with single point contact for all solar needs. Our expert strives to produce best of innovative design by selecting component based on highest standard in reliability, extendibility with highest uptime. Our comprehensive experience in realted field will ensures cost effective engineering solutions for even complex projects.

Srex Power Management Project Execution Features:

Integrated planning, scheduling and execution system.

Significant improvements in cost reduction and installation.

Expertise in project-specific engineering design and plant optimisation.

Partnership with leadership, experience, and technical expertise.

Grid integration and best-of-class plant controls.

Proven Track record of execution and award-wining safety record.

Robust, agile supply chain with global network, purchasing power, and timely delivery.